Our Mission:



A US-based nonprofit that cares for the BODY, SOUL, & SPIRIT through comprehensive programs that shape the communities we serve.


“If a lot do a little, a lot gets done.”

HKI Founders



Our Impact

Happy Kids International (HKI) cherishes every relationship in all the places we are invested in. Our ministry is reflected in the people we work with and minister alongside. We value the time taken to learn and encourage one another along with providing resources to the best of our ability. Through relationship development, we go from being visitors to being neighbors, which is a vital process to becoming agents of long term change in-country. Relationship building is one of the key components of the Happy Kids DNA.



children served weekly

Our Kids Clubs serves approximately 300 kids each week. During these weekend clubs, the kids are engaged with fun, enriching activities and most importantly, excitingly taught the word of God. Through volunteers who share God’s love, these kids are given an experience that makes them feel like they are important. HKI’s vision is to pour into these little ones, giving them a foundation that will cultivate purpose and leadership for their future.



years of dedicated service

HKI has been actively serving our program partners internationally. We’ve seen amazing progress throughout the past 10 years. In the past 10 years, we’ve established a feeding program that feeds 25-30 children daily. We have also established a bread program where those who are hungry and obtain fresh bread from our bread oven. Our medical treatment programs go into areas where individuals are unable to afford care and treat them free of charge. These acts of service have shown people who Christ is, drawing many to follow Him. Through consistent love and service, HKI is now known as a place where those in desperate need can come for relief.



InternationaL Areas of Service

HKI has two properties, one in Fond Douze, Haiti and one in Villeta, Cundinamarca, Colombia. These facilities serve as safe spaces for children with programs like Kids Clubs, where children to come and experience a fun, educational, event where the gospel is poured into them in a fun way. They also serve as vocational training hubs for women and men who’ve been disenfranchised by society, offering skills that will allow them to flourish in their community. Lastly, they serve as a training ground for future community leaders in ministry. Beyond that HKI partners with another NGO, Ama International Inc, to serve in Guadalajara, Mexico. These programs reach into the communities in need and offer medical/dental care, kids events, giveaways, and support services all while connecting them back to our partners in Mexico through the Connection Center community center.